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Australian Emeralds

Our Story

The co-founders of GemLab Australia also own a productive Australian Emerald mine in our goldfields of Western Australia.  Life long ambitions of both partners of owning and producing quality Australia Emeralds have now become reality.

Our partnership compliments each other, Evan with his geology past finds, sources & mines our Australia Emeralds and Samantha a qualified Gemologist & Diamondologist together completed our ambitions starting GemLab Australia & sister business Lake Moore Mining, whom mines our Australian Emeralds. 

We now have an established end to end supply of Australian Emeralds and can offer exclusive quality gems for our clients. 


“Gem of the Millennia”

The Emerald is a variety of the beryl mineral, prized for their beauty in all shades from light to intense green.  Emeralds have been cherished since long before our time, from the Ancient Egyptian times, through to our current times the emerald earns its reputation as the King of Jewels

Emeralds are believed to take over 100,000 years to grow.  How old is the oldest item you own?

The prized green gems have been mined for over 400 years throughout the world, they say that the most prized emerald are sourced from abroad, but did you know Australia also have our very own Emerald source?

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