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What is a valuation for?

A valuation can be used to insure your most prized pieces for their actual value, this will ensure you can replace them in todays market for the insured sum, cutting back the risk that you have under insured your items and cannot afford to replace them.  Leave it with our gemologist we can have this back to you in a short time.

Why appraise my pieces

Full appraisals for either your jewellery or your gemstones, gives you the peace of mind you have exactly what you wanted, confirms that a diamond is in fact a diamond or an Emerald is in fact an Emerald.  With a qualified gemologist and Gem Lab completing an appraisal if your special piece was to be misplaced or stolen, you have the peace of mind your piece can be remade exactly as it was or if found it can be identified. 

How long does the process take?

GemLab Australia can get very busy at times, some appraisals only take a few hours and others will take a few days to weeks depending on information at hand, rarity of certain gemstones and confirming current market pricing for a certain item.

Please discuss with us what your needs are and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs. 

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Paypal

  • Bank tranfer

  • Cash


  • Afterpay

How do you identify what my gemstone is?

GemLab Australia use a fully equipped lab with a number of testing procedures to determined identification of each and every gemstone. 

Can you help source a gemstone?

Yes absolutely!

GemLab Australia has many contacts throughout the gemstone world, let us know what you are looking for and we will assist in sourcing the perfect gemstone for your needs.

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