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GemLab Australia supply chain

Australia - Uganda - Tanzania - Kenya - Thailand - Sri lanka

GemLab Australia have a consistent direct supply within Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania for a variety of gemstones, we have master gemstone cutters world wide.  It is important to us at GemLab Australia to ensure the safety of our entire supply chain from the mining, cutters, gemologists and our customers.

Our gemstones are sourced in the rough directly from the individual villagers, these villagers own their own mining leases, most of which are family men who are self-employed working their mining leases to make their living, much like many of our own Australian miners.

Because of this GemLab Australia has the traceability of each gemstone right down to the very hole in the ground it was sourced from (not many can claim that these days.)

We ensure we do all we can to source our gems from these small mining operations to ensure our gems are sourced ethically, by doing this we are assisting with sustaining local villagers directly we don’t use big mining companies to source gemstones in other countries.

GemLab Australia’s has a very talented manager based in Africa, she sources and personally visits all the local villagers to collect the gemstone rough.  This is then graded and sent to master gemstone cutters locally keeping the trade and employment in their Country of origin.


Once the gemstone rough are cut into faceted gems, they are then brought to Australia for grading, certification by our gemologists in our very own gemology lab then placed on the market to gemstone buyers across the globe.


Here are GemLab Australia it is our goal to support the villagers throughout the world in gemstone rich area's to better their lifestyles, amenities and upgrading to efficient mining practices ensuring their safety always comes first.   Many of these mines are so far behind the that of Australian mining most are risking their life's every day, we are slowly changing how these villagers work, giving them safer working platforms.

In 2022 watch our facebook page for updates on these from 2022 we will be contracting a major miner and assisting with supplies of upgraded tools and safety equipment.  He will be mining Spinel, Tsavorite, Sapphire and Tourmaline for GemLab Australia.

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