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Treated Pink Diamonds

Here at GemLab Australia Pty Ltd, we are changing with the times to adjust to permanent treated gemstones and diamonds. We source all our diamonds and gemstones ethically and with minimal earth disturbance where possible. GemLab Australia promotes and supports the small family miners in many different countries

Many of you may or may not know your gemstones are treated, good chance is they are in some way or could even be lab grown. Now a large percentage of the industry refuse to source gemstones and diamonds that are treated, here at GemLab Australia we encourage people to buy treated natural gemstones so long as the treatment is permanent treatments.

Yes you read that correctly and here is why;

· We strive for longevity in the gemstone, diamond, or Opal.

· We want our clients to be happy with colour, clarity, and affordability for their dream jewellery pieces.

· Price! (The big one)

So for example the “Pink Diamond”, although we can and will source genuine Argyle Pink diamonds if a client wants those especially, although we can offer clients who wishes to have a “Vivid pink” diamond, with great clarity without spending over a million dollars for a centre stone and without compromising on colour and clarity of the diamond they are so desperately wanting.

We purchase HPHT & Irradiated coloured diamonds, we source them from all around the world, treatments such as these enhance the colours in the diamond. For these treatments to be completed the original natural diamond needs to be VS clarity to last the treatment without completely cracking or shattering into a million pieces.

Because of this alone you will be able to receive a diamond with a much better clarity then that of a natural untreated diamond for a much more affordable price.

A study I have read just recently Less than 13% of Natural untreated Pink diamonds of VS Quality so now you are getting the picture of why it is so important to understand why most people are heading to permanent treated diamonds and gemstones.

This is also correct with colour only 29% of Argyle Diamonds are Fancy deep pink (the colour everyone is looking for) and 15% are Fancy Vivid Pink again this is why the prices are usually completely out of everyday peoples reach to even consider buying a pink diamond.

Here is a comparison of cost difference and how GemLab Australia are making a difference to peoples dreams of having the illusive “Pink Diamond”.

On the left a certified Argyle pink diamond and on the Right a Natural treated pink diamond

Argyle Diamond

Natural untreated diamond

Argyle Certified

CARAT: 0.41CT (Largest I could find) Smaller.

CLARITY: SI2 – Slightly included may be seen by the eye

CUT: Round


PRICE: $534,843.00 AUD

Price per carat $1,304495.12 per/ct

Couldn’t find a similar sized &/or coloured Pink diamond around 0.92ct for true comparison

Price per carat goes a lot higher the bigger and more intense colour, so try finding one affordable for everyday people is basically impossible.

GIL Certified Pink Diamond

Natural treated diamond

CARAT: 0.92ct


CUT: Round

COLOUR: Fancy Pink

PRICE: $31,740.00 AUD

Price per carat $34,500.00 per carat

Treatment is permanent

GIL Certified

Larger diamond for a centre stone

Clarity VS1 – Very Slightly included needed a 10x lope to see the inclusions.

Still quite hard to find online, still quite rare in it own right.

Price per carat is a lot more affordable for everyday people and families.

We are all for supplying what people want, and desire we are educating the general public to know they can still have the illusive pink diamond at a fraction of the price and bigger, cleaner clarity and a lot better colour for a lot less.

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